Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chemistry Seminar - 11/2

This week's guest speaker will be Dr. Geoffrey Hutchinson from the University of Pittsburgh. He'll present the talk "Conjugated Electronic Materials: From Organic Polymers to Molecular Wires".

Please join us at 1:30pm in Weyandt 149. Light refreshments will be served.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Students Participated in National Chemistry Week

On Saturday, October 27, seven students from the Student Affiliate American Chemical Society at IUP accompanied Dr. Nathan McElroy to the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh to participate in National Chemistry Week. This year's theme was "The Many Faces of Chemistry" and represented not only all of the diversity of the field of chemistry, but the diversity of the people who work and teach in the field.

The students chose four different demonstrations, organized them, bought the supplies, and presented them to guests of the museum from 10am to 4:30pm. These demos included: a simple oil & water 'lava lamp'; the result of a broken light bulb in and out of an oxygen rich environment; the properties of ferrofluids; and the popular demonstration of food coloring in milk when mixed with soap (emulsifiers & proteins).

The participating students were:
Mr. Ken Glassford
Mr. Andrew Kerr
Ms. Beth Paladin
Ms. Olivia McGovern
Ms. Kelly Seibert
Mr. Peter Stonehouse
Ms. Caitlin Williamson

This was the third year that IUP's ACS Club has participated in National Chemistry Week at the Carnegie Science Center; the 12th year that the Carnegie held this event; and the 20th anniversary of National Chemistry Week by the ACS.

Special thanks to the Department of Chemistry for supplies and financial support; the Geoscience Department for the use of their van; the other members of the ACS club who helped prepare the demonstrations; and the Dean's office of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics for their financial support.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chemistry Seminar - 10/26

Our guest speaker this Friday will be Dr. Sandeep Patel from the University of Delaware. His presentation will be Development and Application of Novel Force Fields for Molecular Dynamics Simulations: From Biological Ion Channels to Aqueous Interfaces".

The talk will start at 1:30 pm in Weyandt 149. Light refreshments will be served.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Mole Day!

Yep, it's here again. October 23 (10/23) is mole day, in honor of the mole (mol).

For those not in the know, a mole is measure of quantity (just like a dozen) that contains 6.022 x 1023 parts - used almost exclusively to describe the number of atoms or molecules in a given quantity.

How do you wrap your head around a mole of anything? 1023?? Well, imagine this: if you consider the volume of the average grain of sand, you would have to bury the entire state of Pennsylvania in more than 3 km (almost 2 miles!!) of sand grains to equal one mole of sand grains.

That's a lot, right? It is, but that's for a huge grain of sand. The mole is more useful for very, very small entities such as an atom or molecule. As an example, the typical half liter plastic bottle of water (500 mL) contains just under 28 moles of water molecules.

1 mole of sand grains will bury this state, yet 28 moles of water fits in a handy half-liter bottle.

To learn more, become a chemistry major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Monday, October 22, 2007

CHEM-281: Survey of Forensic Chemistry

Hey, IUP students! Have you registered yet?


This is a great way to get started learning about forensic science and it can count as a liberal studies non-lab science course!

Prerequisites: none
MW 3:35-4:50 PM, Weyandt 240
Instructor: Dr. John Woolcock

This course is designed for students who would like learn about forensic chemistry and the basic science needed to understand it. Chemical concepts (on the level of an introductory chemistry course) and their applications to forensic chemistry, will be explored in detail. Topics will include the forensic chemistry of drugs, arson, poisons, fibers, inks, paint, glass and fingerprints. Other topics will include, forensic chemistry in fiction (novels and TV), and the methods used in forensic evidence collection, measurement and analysis.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

National Chemistry Week: Pie-A-Prof

Once again, National Chemistry Week is drawing near and Alpha Chi Sigma is planning to continue the tradition of Pie-A-Prof to celebrate the occasion. Our National Chemistry Week Festivities this year will be held on Friday, October 26th in the Oak Grove as long as the weather cooperates, and we plan on having several small chemistry demonstrations in addition to the Pie-A-Prof event. If you are interested in participating in the Pie-A-Prof, please contact me so we will know who will be in our professor lineup! If you are not interested in being pied, you are still more than welcome to join us on the 26th in our National Chemistry Week celebration!

The National Chemistry Week Festivities in the Oak Grove will begin at 11:00 , and the Pie-A-Prof will be at 1:00.

Thank you for your time,
Kaycie Butler
President, Alpha Chi Sigma

Chemistry Seminar - 10/19

This week's chemistry seminar guest speaker will be Ms. Chrysa Malosh, a department alumna now with Eli Lilly & Co. Her talk is entitled An Unsolved Mystery: Catalytic Cross-Couplings of Alkylzinc Halides and Carbonyl Compounds".

The seminar will take place in Weyandt 149 starting at 1:30pm. Light refreshments will be served.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Chemistry Seminar - 10/12

This week's chemistry seminar guest speaker will be Dr. Melinda Harrison of Seton Hill University. Her presentation, titled "The Transfer of Cu(I) between Bacteria Proteins", will begin at 1:30pm in Weyandt 149.

Light refreshments will be served.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

College Job & Internship Fair

The WestPACS College Job and Internship Fair will be held on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2007 from 10am - 3pm at the Pittsburgh ExpoMart, Monroeville, PA.

Students can REGISTER ONLINE at More than 150 companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations are expected. All majors are welcome.

Transportation for this event will be provided by the Career Development Center. Students needing transportation can reserve a seat by calling the Career Development Center at 724-357-2235 or by stopping in the office, 302 Pratt Hall, by/before November 1.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chemistry Seminar - 10/5

Time change: Seminar will begin at 2:30pm.

This week's chemistry seminar will included presentations from four undergraduate students on their summer research experiences:

Mr. Robert Bauer on "The Effects of Aromatically Appended Macrocycles on Varying DNA Structures"

Ms. Beth Leverett on "Synthesis of Chromium Cyanamide Percursors"

Ms. Nicole Morozowich on "Defining Complex Formation of Ephedrine"

Ms. Elizabeth Paladin on "Ligand Effect Upon Complexation of the Estrogen Receptor(ERα) and the Estrogen Response Element (ERE)"

Please join us in 149 Weyandt at 2:30pm. Light refreshments will be served.