Monday, March 19, 2007

Summer Internship at Pfizer

A summer position at the Pfizer research center in La Jolla, CA is available for summer 2007.

They are looking for someone who has a good background and interest in analytical chemistry, computers and/or robotics. The project would be involved with implementing an automated system that screens new discovery compounds in various formulation vehicles. Some familiarity with analytical techniques (HPLC) and computer/instrument interfaces would be beneficial. Also knowledge of QSAR would be helpful.

We just got this notice today, but the deadline for submitting your interest is Friday, March 30.

If you're an IUP undergraduate student with interest/knowledge in these areas, please contact Dr. McElroy ASAP for more information.

You can also start the process by submitting your resume and other information to the Pfizer website here.

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