Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Women in Science Presentations

By all accounts, yesterday's Women in Science Symposium was a success. In all, there were 28 presenters from the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, with 11 representatives from the chemistry and biochemistry programs:

Lindsey Cox (Dr. Villemain) "Protein-Protein Interactions Govern Homologous Recombination and Genome Stability"

Catherine Gumm (Dr. Kyler) "The Chemical and Enzymatic Degradation of Biomass into Glucose Using Ultrafiltration" Third Place, Best Undergraduate Poster

Hong Yin Ker (Dr. Villemain) "Rose of SRS2 Helicase Protein"

Sara Krull (Dr. Briggs) "Mental Models in Chemical Equilibrium"

Beth Leverett (Dr. Lake) "Synthesis and Characterization of Quaternary Adamantine-Like Chalcogenides" First Place, Best Undergraduate Poster

Nicole Morozowich (Dr. Abourahma) "Co-Crystallization as a Strategy to Improving Solubility of Theophylline"

Jennifer Morral (Dr. N. Bharathan) "Comparison of Rapid Lysis and Geno Pure Plasmid Midi Kit Methods in the Analysis of Rhizoctonia solani Plasmids, NE5 and E5, as Cloned into Escherichia coli cells"

Elizabeth Paladin (Dr. Abourahma) "Modifying the Physical Properties of Indomethacin by Co-Crystal Formation"

Second place for Best Undergraduate Poster went to Danielle Dunton & Yang Dai (biology).

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