Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spring 2009 Local Job - Water Recycling Project

I am looking for an energetic and committed intern to help invent water recycling products. The first product we will be working on is a recycling shower. The intern will be expected to undertake a variety of duties related to the research associated with product development. Over the next several months, I will be developing and testing the effectiveness of various water processing options (e.g., filters, additives, qualities of input water and so forth) with the objective of inventing a product that will produce very high quality shower water (potable/drinkable). In other words, many of the duties will be determined as we evolve; but I mostly want someone with solid analytical skills to help design experiments, collect data, analyze data and help make decisions about solving the problems we will encounter during the innovation process. More information on the background of the project and current circumstances can be found by visiting my company’s website (

The intern can start any time, and work just about any schedule (most of the work can be done from IUP). I am very flexible with the right candidate. The first prototype will be ready for testing the week of 1/19; and I will be moving forward with the rest of the team (about ten professionals), at that time. I’d prefer to have someone onboard from the start, but I see no problem with an intern catching-up later.

I am able to offer a small stipend of $250 and cover travel expenses (the laboratory is in Armstrong County). The stipend will be paid at the end of the internship; and a professional report will be expected at that time.

Send a letter of application, with a resume, to Dr. Tom Falcone, 2560 Warren, Indiana, Pa. 15701. (Or email to:

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