Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Younger Chemists Committee

The YCC has arrived in the ‘burgh! Chartered by the American Chemical Society, the Younger Chemists Committee is intended to encourage young (below 35 years of age) and early career chemists to pursue successful professions and involvement in the scientific field!

The Pittsburgh YCC is actively seeking members and ideas for events! If you are a chemist under 35, please join us! Send an email to the secretary of the group, Eric Lanni at elanni@andrew.cmu.edu to become a member! All young chemists, from high school, to college, to graduate students or recent graduates, educators or industrial chemists are welcome.

Your suggestions and comments are gratefully appreciated. Feel free to share them with Eric or with the YCC group Chair, John Williams (jtwillia@waynesburg.edu).

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